The Beaverlodge Victim Services Unit Society

We advocate the rights of victims of crime

Through information, referral, and support

Through assistance, community liaison, and education.

What VSU can do for you?

Beaverlodge Victim Services provides immediate support, pratical infomation and useful resources to victims of crime and tragedy. Our program provides services to Beaverlodge, Wembley, LaGlace, Hythe, Valhalla, Elmworth, HorseLake and the surrounding county residents.

How we help

Victims of Crime
If you have been a victim of crime, your first step is to call the police. They will investigate the crime and refer you to the victim services unit for assistance.

If you are in a family violence emergency, call 911 or your local police service.  The police can give you an overview of options, such as emergency protection orders.  All police services have access to a Victim’s Services Unit that can provide the following:

We can help with information on crisis management/intervention, linking you and the justice system to help you obtain the services you need.
Helping you navigate through the court system and processes if your case goes to court. VSU staff will also work with the crown prosecutors office and police to answer your questions, while keeping you informed of court dates and outcomes. If wanted, we are there to prepare and accompany you for court.
Connecting you to legal information, counselling, financial assistance or other services you may require. We also provide referrals to the appropriate community and government agencies.
Victims of Domestic Abuse or Violence
Defining and understanding the cycles of domestic abuse. Providing resources to help you assess your safety risk and help you stay safe. Information about protection orders issued by the courts, and if judicial processes are involved, links to the Family Violence Unit, Police, Crown prosecutor and Child and Family Services
Connecting you to shelters, food banks, emergency funds, legal advice and counselling agencies.

Providing crisis management/intervention, providing a non-judgemental and confidential** support and accompanying you to court proceedings if requested.

(***Client confidentiality is strictly observed with exceptions where clients share evidential information relating to an ongoing police investigation, where a criminal offence is disclosed and if a threat to harm themselves or someone else is made.)

Victims of Crime or Tragedy

BVSU also assists police and emergency services to provide support, information and referrals to victims of tragedies such as motor vehicle accidents, sudden deaths and notifications of next of kin.

Providing crisis and grief management/intervention, while addressing most immediate needs
Providing a link between you and the RCMP if investigation is involved, explaining the role of medical examiners, or providing a to-do list after the fire.
Helping access or refer to emergency financial support and resources and links to counselling programs

Public Education and Crime Prevention/Awareness

BVSU is available to assist community groups, schools or programs with educational or crime prevention/awareness programs.  BVSU is involved with the Beaverlodge and Area Trauma Drama Team whose goal is to create awareness and mitigate risk behaviours in youth, hosting two annual events targeting local grade nine students.  The program includes a traumatic motor vehicle accident scene dramatization, involving emergency responders (EMS, Fire Dept, Police,), Oliver’s Funeral Chapel and volunteer student participants.  In addition to these annual and ongoing programs, BVSU may also provide public education or awareness training for topics including:

  • first-responders-fire-fighterssenior abuse and fraud awareness
  • grief and crisis
  • night life safety for teenagers
  • child and personal safety
  • internet and electronic communications device safety
  • domestic abuse and violence awareness

Referral to Victim Services

BVSU works out of the Beaverlodge RCMP detachment offices and accepts referrals for service from RCMP, emergency services, partner agencies and self-referring clients.  Client confidentiality is strictly observed with exceptions where clients share evidential information relating to an ongoing police investigation, where a criminal offence is disclosed and if a threat to harm themselves or someone else is made.  BVSU strives to provide 24/7 access to non-judgmental, high quality service provided by the coordinator and well trained, skilled advocate volunteers.


Beaverlodge Victim Services

Volunteer Opportunity – Victim Services Advocates

Providing direct client services to victims of crime, trauma and tragedy. If you are looking for a rewarding volunteer position, please contact us at 780-354-2349.

BVSU is currently looking for Board Members!

If you are looking for a way to be involved in a program that benefits our community please contact us at 780-354-2349.


Beaverlodge Victim Services Unit is sponsored by the following:

Government of Alberta

Solicitor General and Public Service – Victim of Crimes Grant Funds

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)

  • County of Grande Prairie
  • Town of Wembley
  • Town of Beaverlodge
  • Village of Hythe

Government of Canada Department of Justice

National Victims of Crime Awareness Week grant funds directed towards offsetting costs of BVSU website development