Programs and Rights

deservetobeheardThe Alberta Victims of Crime Act, proclaimed in 1997, established the authority to collect surcharges on provincial statute offences, defined principles respecting the treatment of victims provided victims with rights to obtain information and introduced financial benefits for victims. Under the act, surcharges on federal offences already being collected and provincial fine surcharge revenue collected are deposited into a fund which is used to support two primary programs: the Financial Benefits Program; and a Grants Program. Victim Services programs in Alberta are accountable to the Solicitor General and Public Security of Alberta. Your local VSU program can help assist you in applying for these programs if applicable.

Victims of crime are entitled to minimum standards of service within the frameworks of the Criminal Code of Canada and Alberta’s Victims of Crime Act.  Alberta RCMP-based Victim Services are further guided by RCMP National Policy and “K” Division Operational Policy.  The service to victims may be provided by RCMP members or through police-based, but community driven, Victim Service Units (VSU).

Programs for Victims

Some of the programs that victims of crime, tragedy or trauma may be entitled to are:

  • Victim Impact Statement (VIS)
    If a victim has suffered emotionally or physically because of someone else’s criminal act, the victim has the opportunity to prepare a VIS that describes to the court how this crime has affected his or her life.  If the accused is found guilty, the court with consider the victim’s VIS.
  • Financial Benefits Program
    If the victim has suffered emotional or physical injuries as a result of a violent crime, the victim may be eligible for financial benefits.  The victim must apply within two years of the incident.
  • Restitution Request
    If the victim has suffered a financial loss as a result of a crime, the victim may be able to request restitution from the offender.

Government of Alberta, Solicitor General and Public Security Programs

Link to Victim Services
Link to Financial Benefits Program
Link to access:

  • Victim of Crime Handbook(in 11 different languages)
  • Victims of Crime Protocol Booklet – “What victims of crime can expect from the criminal justice system”
  • Brochures for:
    • Victim Impact Statement
    • Restitution Requests
    • Financial Benefits for Victims of Violent Crime
    • Financial Benefits
    • Domestic Violence Handbook
    • Information Guide for Sexual Assault Victims