Support Your Community

Volunteer with BVSU as a:

Board member

  • No direct client service, assists other directors with direction, governance and financial operation of unit
  • 18 years or older
  • available to attend bi-mpnthly meetings
  • available to assist with program promotion and fund raising projects


  • provide direct client services
  • 18 years or older
  • Canadian citizen or landed immigrant
  • hold valid operator’s license
  • submit to RCMP security clearance

Ad Hoc

  • no direct client services
  • assists with fund raising or promotional projects as needed by the unit

Volunteer Advocates Needed

Victim Services is currently seeking indivduals looking for a challenging and rewarding volunteer experience. As an advocate for our program you will provide direct client services to those that are victims of crime, trauma or tragedy. You will be required to pass a RCMP security clearance as well as a comprehensive on-line training course. Individuals must be 18 and older and be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant. Those that apply must also have a valid drivers license.

For further information or to apply, please contact BVSU at 780-354-2349 or via email: beaverlodge.victimservicesunit@gmail.com

 Volunteer Board Members Needed

Victim Services is an essential service that works to ensure victims of crime or tragedy are informed and supported. Beaverlodge Victim Services Unit Society is governed by a board of directors who are currently seeking additional members to assist with direction, governance and financial management of the unit. Board members do NOT provide direct client services. Volunteer board members will have access to training and networking opportunites. Former members have found working with RCMP and like-minded community members to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

For further information or to apply, please contact BVSU at 780-354-2349 or via email: beaverlodge.victimservicesunit@gmail.com